Pattern Bundles

There are over 330 pattern bundles available! Just about every pattern sold on the site are included. Want to see what is in each bundle? Of course you do! Each bundle has an image showing the patterns that are included in it. I realize that not every tiny image can be made out and I apologize for that. In those cases, just do a search for the category you’re looking for. Each pattern in every bundle is also sold as an individual pattern elsewhere on the site. That is all I can offer for you to get a better view of the images that are too small here in the pattern bundles.
Not all bundles are priced the same. This is due to varying amounts of patterns in each bundle as well as the varying levels of patterns. Some bundles have 5 patterns. Some have as much as 9.
At first sight, some bundle prices may appear high, but take in mind…example 5 patterns that are $10 each when bought individually are bundled together for a total of $30. That’s a savings of $20. 8 patterns at $10 would be $80. In some bundles they come out to $40 or $50. Keep those savings in mind when looking at pricing. Remember. all patterns are still available as individual purchases as well.
How long these pattern bundles are available will depend on sales, so take advantage of this as soon as you can! There’s no guarantee that the bundles will be permanent