I am here to help scroll sawyers who need photos turned into patterns. My starting rate is $50 per photo-to-pattern. It can be higher – multiple subjects, detailed photos (long curly hair/beard, backgrounds, complex clothing, etc).

For best results:
1- Photo(s) must be close up (prefer head and shoulders if the photo is of a person/people).
2- Scan the photo(s) as large as possible. I can only make the details I can see. Go to contact page to find where to email the photo(s). Please note that digital photos work better than physical in-hand photos.
3- Please send only clearly focused photos. I understand that sometimes photos are of people who have passed away and the photos are obviously limited. Just know I can only go by what I see.
Note: I do detail by nature. It’s actually difficult for me to not add much detail. I can make some slight changes like the thickness of an arm, leave out SOME wrinkles, etc. but please do not ask me to take away extra chins, add details that aren’t there (aside from text), straighten teeth, add smile…you get the idea.
That being said…I CAN put multiple people into a single pattern from multiple photos, but only to a point. You will be charged per pattern/person.
I make my patterns on paper, not with a computer. I go through a great deal of ink, paper, transfer paper and time. Email photos, along with whether or not to include the background and whether or not it is ok to crop the photo(s)–to artistic_cowboy30@yahoo.com

Please note: Custom patterns of family members are not sold to public without permission. Permission would only be requested if the pattern would appeal to the public. For example, rustic look, cowboy/cowgirl, general look, etc. This is on a case by case basis.