Finished Pieces

Here you will find multiple themes and sizes of completed pieces done by me on a scroll saw. I can also do custom pieces from your photos. When it comes to custom work, please know I can only work with what I can see in your photos. For best results please email the photo(s) as large as possible, clearly focused as possible and as close up as possible. If it is a person or people, “head and shoulders” is preferred. Please go to contact page to find where to email the photo(s).

I have made a name for myself (in the scroll sawing and woodworking community) for my amount and attention to detail. That being said, most times I do not cut portrait style work smaller than approximately 16 x 20 inches.

Almost everyone has photos in their homes, offices, etc. Some have drawings. How many do you know that have a picture/portrait made of wood? That’s what I’m here for!

All Finished pieces will be shipped free within the US.

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