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1- For resizing patterns, etc: Online Rapidsizer
2- Steve Good’s blog (Always free patterns):
3- Steve Good’s forum:
4- Scroll Saw Woodworks and Crafts magazine forum:
5- Scroll Saw Village (Always free patterns and more):
6- Where to buy good scroll saw blades (Pinless only) with quick service:
7- Where to buy the scroll saw I also use (Hegner):
8- Best place I’ve found for good, dark transfer paper:
9- My YouTube channel:
10- My finished pieces Facebook page (until they’re put on this site):
My personal Facebook profile:
11- Instagram: thecharlesdearing
12- Twitter: Wood_Scroller43
13- Steve Garrison. The pioneer of the wooden shells and many other beautifully unique creations.

These links will show you some of the tools I use behind the scenes and on camera. Clicking on these links (and any other amazon links on the site) helps support my passion.

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